• A Unique Gift for Your Love One

    Show your love & affection through a timeless gift. Take a journey with us on jewelry customization.

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  • Jewelry Customization

    A story, a memory, and a life time present.

  • Precious Gemstone

    Personalized your jewelry with our gemstones selections.


Our Story

Each birth of the delicate jewelry is unique. Infused with the heart and soul of an artisan's inspiration and workmanship, the intricate fabrication process it has transformed making it worthy for someone to love. At Nini Jewelry Atelier, it is our promise in being responsible throughout the whole process from sourcing to the materialization of the jewelry. We seek to source from each part of the world for the finest pieces of gemstone and materials, enhance it with our creative and surprising element, being passionate enough only to bring forward to you the most exquisite piece of treasure.
Our services include: 1) Natural Diamond & Lab-grown Diamond, 2) Gemstones & Pearl, 3) Gemstones Identification, 4) Jewelry Customization, 5) Pearl Stringing, 6) 3Rs (Restore, Repair & Resize) and 7) Stonecutting/polishing.
  • Natural Diamond

  • Lab Grown Diamond

  • Gemstones

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Wedding Ring | Wedding Band
Once in a Lifetime

An eternal gift for you and your love one. Customize a ring for her with Natural Diamond or Lab-grown Diamond.

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  • Tell Us Your Story

    Have a story to tell about your jewelry? Our Jewelry Designer will assist you in turning your story into a unique jewelry.
  • Eternal Gift

    An eternal gift that carries the promise of eternal love and affection. Be it a proposal ring or Wedding band, we'll walk you through the process from stones selections to production complete.
  • Gemstone Mix and Match

    Looking for your Birthstone to make yourself a pendant? or looking for stones replacement for your ring? Check out our Gemstones collections.
  • Memory Restore

    We help to restore your memorable jewelry with new stones and customization. Our jewelry Designer will assist you in restoring your memorable piece.
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